Public Portal: Overview

Get started with the Public Portal, and learn how to manage your public roadmap.

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Give your users visibility into your roadmap and capture new ideas or feedback on existing ideas from anyone, anywhere. 

What do I use it for?

Share Product Direction With Users by showing them the new features you’re considering, what you’re working on now, and all the cool stuff you’ve shipped.

Communicate Your Vision With Your Company by sharing an internal roadmap so that sales, customer success and executive teams can provide feedback and understand what’s coming next.

Capture Feature Requests by making it easy for users to submit ideas for new features and tell you how important those requests are so you can better prioritize them.

Create a Feedback Pipeline by publishing specific ideas from your roadmap and letting users share what they think, what they would do with them and why they are or are not valuable.

Promote New Features by creating a page in your public roadmap for what you have already launched, so that users have a place to discover features they may have missed.

Celebrate What You Build by showcasing the new features you launch, keeping your company excited about what your team is accomplishing and the product you are building

Setting up the Portal

The first time you use the Portal, you'll be prompted to add some information to set it up. Find out how to set up your Portal here.

Adding Ideas

Easy! Just click on any of the + buttons on your Portal, or directly from an Idea on your Canvas. Learn more here.

Types of Evidence

Bring in Feedback on existing Ideas, as well as New Ideas directly from your users, colleagues and stakeholders. Here's how.

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