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Guide to Changing Tiers

GLIDR offers multiple tiers to support your projects as you scale. Learn more about switching between Starter, Team, Business and Enterprise

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GLIDR offers several tiers, allowing you to choose an option that suits your needs. We've made sure that GLIDR is as scalable as your project, so as you grow, you can upgrade to add additional features, users, and Projects.

Selecting a Tier

Whether you need to upgrade to get more features, or downsize your number of Projects, you can change tiers quickly, by heading to the Billing Page.

Here, you'll be able to select the right tier for you. You can come back here at any time, to change your tier as you grow.

Upgrading to Team

Moving from Starter to Team gives you the ability to create up to five Projects. Because of this, a few things might look a bit different.

Clicking on the menu in the top left, you'll be able to see your Projects, and switch quickly between them. You can also find your Organization Settings and Home screen here.

Additionally, as a Team user, you can also export PDFs, use prioritization scoring, and enable additional integrations such as Intercom, Jira, and Zapier.

Downgrading to Starter

Don't need multiple Projects? Don't worry. When you downgrade to Starter, you'll be given the option to choose the Project and users you'd like to migrate to Starter. Your work in your other Projects will be preserved until you're ready to come back again.

If you're looking for your Organization settings, these can now be found under your Account Menu in the top right corner of your screen. Head here to switch tiers. Under Project Settings, the wheel icon near the top left corner of your Canvas, you can invite Team Members and enable integrations.

If you have any questions about changing tiers, reach out to the team here.

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