GLIDR is designed with your workflow in mind. We're currently building several integrations with other services, with many others on the way. All of our currently supported integrations are listed here.

Intercom Integration

With Intercom and GLIDR, you can ensure customer feedback is heard throughout product teams and considered with everything else you know. Simply select relevant Intercom conversations and import them as Evidence for your GLIDR project. Move from feedback to action by connecting this Evidence to your Product Ideas and adjusting your roadmap based on direct user insights.

Capture by GLIDR Chrome Extension

Quickly add online content as Evidence in your Projects with the click of a button, with Capture by GLIDR, our Chrome Extension.

Slack Integration

Notify your team members in real-time as you work in GLIDR with our Slack app. Notifications are sent instantly from GLIDR into a Slack channel of your choosing, allowing you to see what's going on in GLIDR at a glance.

Coming Soon

We're working hard on Jira right now, and will be contacting our users as soon as it's released. Got an idea for an integration you can't live without? Let us know by emailing

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