January 23, 2020

Our own Public Portal is live! Send us some love (and what we can do better) here.

January 8, 2019

🎉 The Public Portal is here.

All Team, Business, and Enterprise users can now display a public roadmap to a selected audience (private or public) to:

  • communicate your product direction, so that users and stakeholders can see what you’re considering, what’s coming next, and what you’ve already built.
  • invite your users to share feedback on your roadmap and get real data.
  • receive user-generated ideas, with context and a rating to let you know how important it is to them.

Learn more about using your Portal here!

October 24, 2019

October 10, 2019

  • We've launched our Business Tier! Now you can add up to 8 projects, invite up to 10,000 viewers, enjoy 100 GB of storage per user, create multiple portals (coming soon!), export all data in CSV format, and view the access logs for your organization. Choose from Starter, Team, Business, or Enterprise to find the version of GLIDR that fits your needs.
  • Prioritization is the name of the game. We've introduced product idea scoring to help you decide which ideas will have the most impact. Choose from ICE, RICE, Impact vs Effort, or Pain vs Frequency.
  • With PDF exports, you can save and share your product and business ideas, evidence, research, and experiments.
  • We're integrating with all your favorite tools - connect to Slack to share updates with your team, Jira to push product ideas into development, Intercom to bring customer feedback directly into your evidence inbox, and more!
  • Invite stakeholders and observers as free viewers to give them a first-hand look into your projects' progress.
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